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When it comes to freight solutions, trust your preferred partner Basram Group Inc. Timely deliveries, safe processing, and renowned history of offering unparalleled service guarantee a pleasurable partnership. We are invested in providing our signature service at all stages of the process. With highly trained dedicated staff handling and overseeing: Transport and delivery, Brokerage, Forwarding services, Warehouse. Enjoy the peace of mind provided by the premier freight solution provider. Safe and hassle-free transport at better rates.

We move all — From consumer products like food & apparel, industrial materials and parts, furniture and retail store fixtures we take care of all of them

  • Full truckload – Tractor-trailers, Dry vans & refrigerated truck
  • Less-than-truckload (LTL) – Standard, volume, expedite, guaranteed
  • Intermodal – Door-to-door service & solutions including any combination of rail, ocean, air and truck
  • Drayage: Full Container Drayage from seaports or rail ramps
  • Expedite – Same day deliveries, Cargo vans, sprinters, straight trucks, Tailgate Trucks and inside mall/ store deliveries

We specialize in providing LTL, Truckload and Reefer services to all the big box retailers including Amazon, Costco, Wal Mart, The Bay and Metro including delivery appointments that meet the Must Arrive By Date (MABD) and Required Delivery Date (RDD)


To offer a hassle-free delivery

Over the years we have encountered a number of operations suffering from unneeded bloat. They are employing multiple companies for their freight solution with less than desirable results. Lack of communication seems to run rampant. Delivery windows are missed, goods are in less than stellar condition, the headaches are adding up. We are here to change that. We aim to deliver services that meet all your objectives. A consultation and evaluation deliver a more efficient delivery schedule and a substantial reduction in overspending. Our mission is to inform customers that headache-free delivery is possible at a reasonable rate. Contact us for a consultation immediately and discover the powerful logistics behind Basram Group Inc: on-time deliveries, clear communication, and a stable of industry-leading experts. All in service of the customer.


To Provide efficient customer service

We founded our company with a singular goal. To provide the best rates in Montreal. With countless hours dedicated to increasing efficiency and establishing unrivaled service, we achieved that goal with immense success. We are proud to offer the best rates available. We now cast our eyes to neighboring areas in hopes to expand our services to all those in need. With this new vision and continued commitment to our established loyal customers, we aim to provide the best service at the best rates anywhere.


Proper implementation of freight solutions requires clear and concise communication at all levels. When you choose Basram Group Inc., you are receiving the very best customer support the industry can offer. Unlike other establishments who assign a singular individual to oversee their account, we offer tandem coordinators. This ensures enhanced insight for your specific solutions as two points of view often offers improved approaches.


Our platform and services are informed with years of experience. We offer efficient solutions for businesses in and around Montreal.

Our years of experience gives us a competitive edge. We have handled accounts of all sizes and logistics, allowing us to provide constructive recommendations for any situation. Enjoy access to our expert staff at any point in the process for clarity on any questions you may have. We pledge to get to know the ins and outs of your business and the specific needs you require so that we can better serve you.

Our core values


Efficiency and Punctuality

We pride ourselves on the emphasis we put on efficiency and punctuality. We consider these core tenants to be the crucial cogs in our customer satisfaction wheel.


Commitment to Customers

We value our customers, and love to go above and beyond to ensure they are highly satisfied with our services.


Great Prices

We are dedicated to providing the best service available at the best rates. We help you save money while enjoying unbeatable services.


Customer Support

We are committed to our maintaining our value proposition without sacrificing our industry-leading customer support.